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Hi and welcome to Silent Yoga!!

We are leading the way with Silent Yoga in the UK. SILENT YOGA is an exploration of sound and the sense and is the newest thing in Yoga, growing in popularity in Australia and the US and now here in the UK.

Yoga, with the use of studio quality headphones, connects you more intimately with the teacher. It enables you to have a deep focus in the postures as you are drawn away from external distractions, this is known as pratyahara. Just feel the rhythm of your own breath alongside the soothing background music coming through the headphones.

The Silent Yoga UK team and our group of qualified teachers are working together to establish this new, immersive way of practising yoga. Each teacher brings their own experience and unique twist to the class. The classes will be suitable for all levels of experience, unless specified. We are able to cater for beginner or more experienced groups if thats what youre looking for.

The Silent Yoga UK DJ's and/or our teachers will play a carefully crafted playlist of music to immerse you into the Silent Yoga experience. During the winter months on special occasions the team will also be lighting the room to create the perfect environment for the teacher to work their magic. During the summer months we make the most of using the beautiful open space here in Dorset.

We can use up to three channels with our headphones, which allows three instructors to work alongside each other, either all working together or teaching different abilities, all in the same space.
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Sabrina Amar
Silent Yoga Instructor
Sabrina - Sabrina got her 200 hour Vinyasa RYT in sunny Florida bringing you some chilled friendly vibes to your practice! Because of her love for music, you are guaranteed a perfect tailored playlist right to your ears with the help of our headphones. Vibrate to the beat, close your eyes and flow! She is also trained in Yin yoga, which means she knows a thing or two about connective tissue and how to stretch so check out her yoga for runners! She will encourage you to listen to your body, explore various option and slow down. If you make it to her class, be prepared to go with the flow, smile and yes laughing or else is allowed (no one can hear )
Anna Patycka
Silent Yoga Instructor
Silent Yoga Uk instructor and meditation teacher certified in Ayur-Yoga Eco Ashram in India. Strongly believes that yoga, spirituality and real life are all the same things so everyone is a yogi deep in the heart. Creator of #featherfit movement, teaching how to feel lighter in the body, mind and soul and yet to keep strong core in every aspect of life.


Adult Classes

Our adult classes are suitable for all levels and abilities. We do however hold classes aimed for the more experienced/advanced yogi, if that's what you're looking for.

Pop-up Classes

We like surprises, so we aim to hold as many pop-up classes as possible through the summer. Please check our facebook events page for the latest class information.

Family Classes

Our family classes are aimed at those who want to introduce the benefits of yoga into the lives of the children they care for. These classes are taken by a specialist children’s yoga teacher who is trained in working with young children and families.

Child Friendly

The use of headphones is great for adult classes but also work really well for children’s yoga classes alike as it keeps distractions to a minimum. Come along and see for yourself.

By blocking out every day sounds it enables a deeper exploration of the body, sounds, breath & your inner self.

Mark Eaton
Simon Coleman



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